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Top 20 Reasons to Hire The Senior Movers
  • 01 compare_arrowsWe Only Service Seniors and in doing so, we Provide our Trademark offering of Compassion, Care & Patience.
  • 02 not_interestedAll our Services are performed by TSM Only. We are One Team working with You and for You! We have no affiliation with any other Companies.
  • 03 placeOur Headquarters is in Troy, MI. with comfortable accommodations for you and your family to visit and discuss your needs if you’d like.
  • 04 healingTSM Healthcare Professionals who have Cared for Seniors for many years, are ready to take your call to Help and Care for your needs.
  • 05 Our Subsidiary Company, The Senior Advisors, is also a helpful resource for you. At no additional charge to you, our Team of Experts can competently provide advice and direction on which Community may best fit your needs. We can offer you the direct contact info to a Qualified Care Specialist within a Senior Community that has been prescreened to be in our Referral Portfolio.
  • 06 syncThe Senior Movers offer a Full Menu of Services all of which are a natural extension of one another and are directly related to your Transition.
  • 07 peopleWe are the preferred Relocation Specialist for more than 100 Senior Communities in Michigan. We have a great understanding of each Community, so that we can seamlessly assist you.
  • 08 Because we only provide Relocation Services within Senior Communities, we’re able to accurately Estimate the cost of your service. Not offer you a low price to get you to sign and then change it later.
  • 09 homeFree In-Home Estimates are available to help evaluate your Needs and tailor a package to best fit them.
  • 10 how_to_regWe have a Full Background Vetting Process for all TSM Team Members out in the Field and in our Office.
  • 11 faceWe have a high Employee retention rate with our Team Members, which provides you the added benefit of interacting with familiar voices and faces throughout your Journey in the aging process.
  • 12 Security for Seniors. All of our Team wear TSM Security Badges with their name and picture for your Safety.
  • 13 Returning Clients can receive Preferred Discounts when using The Senior Movers again for future services. Inquire within on how you can SAVE!!
  • 14 thumb_upWe have an Industry leading Website designed with you in mind. Enabling a Comprehensive understanding of how when hiring The Senior Movers, you are in the Most Trusted Hands.
  • 15 list_altTSM offers an Inventory Request Tool that enables you to access our Data base system and enter all the items you would like taken to your new residence.
  • 16 gps_fixedTSM has a Follow your Furniture Feature. If you would like, we can send you a GPS link that enables you to Follow our Trucks on a Map in real time.
  • 17 transfer_within_a_stationAs you Advance in Aging process, we can assist you with Internal Transfers within your Current Community or into another.
  • 18 All TSM Trucks have a Customized Flooring for Cleanliness and Protection for your items.
  • 19 mobile_screen_shareAt, An Online Estimate option is available to expedite your request.
  • 20 chatDuring Business Hours, An Online Chat Feature is available on our Website for your Convenience.

Coming Soon

  • 01 photo_size_select_largeRoom Planner Sizing Tool.
  • 02 Podcasting Program Access providing helpful Advice and Guidance.
  • 03 loyaltyLoyalty, Referral Rewards and Gift Card Programs.