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After many years at the same residence, Relocation can be an emotionally draining time. It also represents a new and exciting chapter in your life. To help ease things along, here is a checklist of things to do to prepare for your upcoming transition.

2 Months Before Moving

  • Find out what furniture you can take with you to your new home
  • Create a floor plan of the new home for furniture placement.
  • Make an inventory of household goods and begin to remove clutter (start with the basement, attic, garage, and other storage areas).
  • Start a file for all moving paperwork (estimates, receipts, etc.).

1 Month Before Moving

  • Fill out post office change-of-address cards.
  • Obtain all medical records
  • Have antiques, pieces of art, and other valuables appraised. Clean all closets and drawers.
  • Start using foods and cleaning supplies that cannot be moved.
  • Obtain packing materials and start packing items that won’t be needed until after arrival at the new residence.
  • Arrange for cleaning and repair of furniture, drapes, and carpeting.
  • Gather personal and family records, including medical and dental, legal and financial documents; birth certificates, passports and insurance documents.

2 Weeks Before Moving

  • Hold a moving sale.
  • Arrange for disposal of anything not sold at the moving sale.
  • Schedule disconnection of all utility services. Be sure to disconnect the day after vacating the home.
  • Arrange refund of any "last month" deposits that need to be returned.Notify any creditors of the new address.
  • Transfer prescriptions and be sure to have an adequate supply of medications on hand.

7 Days Before Moving

  • Pack a travel kit.
  • Put aside critical items like a checkbook, credit cards, personal phone book, ID, flashlight, keys, toiletries, tools, paper plates, cups, towels, travel alarm clock, aspirin, bandages.
  • Pack a suitcase with clothing and other personal items.
  • Transfer bank accounts
  • Set aside anything that will travel in your car so it will not be loaded on the moving truck.
  • Pack a box of items that will be needed first at the new house. Clearly mark this box "Load Last."

Day Before and Day of Move

  • Start early to avoid confusion, rushing and stress.
  • Confirm arrival time of the moving van/truck.
  • Make sure drivers have your cell phone number and you have theirs.
  • Perform final checks before leaving the house.
  • Items to verify before shutting the door for the last time: Are the air conditioning, fans and heat turned off? is the water shut off? Are lights off?
  • When items arrive at the new home, if possible instruct movers on any special requests to the layout of rooms.


Q - Do The Senior Movers offer residential, commercial or office moves?

A - We only accommodate Senior moves. Seniors and their needs are our primary focus.

Q - How much in advance should I book my move?

A - As far ahead of time as possible is preferred however, we understand that sometimes it's beyond one's control to do so. As a result, many times we accept bookings the week of the move.

Q - How much will you charge for my move?

A - Our pricing is extremely competitive even though we pay our Team Members significantly more than other companies do. Pricing can very slightly depending on the size of the move, how many team members assigned to your transition phase, which services you select as well as a number of other variables. We know you will do your due diligence and sometimes compare pricing. We encourage you to be sure you are comparing equal parts and taking everything into consideration when doing so. We are extremely confident that you will be thrilled with your choice when selecting The Senior Movers.

Q - Why do you pay your representatives more than others?

A - There are many reasons why we do this but at the core of our philosophy to pay more is, so we can take better care of YOU, our valued Senior Clients. Simply put, we don't want a constant revolving door of personnel to facilitate your transition. As a company, our service to you will be more positive and comfortable for you. As a result we don't send just anyone to your home, condo, apartment or to the Senior Community you reside in. We have extremely strict criteria and a meticulous vetting procedure for those who desire to earn the privilege to serve you while wearing our name! A very large majority of our industry does not share this philosophy. They will literally send people who are not vetted, untested, untrained, without background checks and ill prepared people to work with you and in and around your property and near your most precious belongings. We only involve the best of the best. Qualified and Quality family oriented people that truly care about Compassion, Care & Patience for and towards our Senior Clients. Please read or listen to some of our Reviews on our Reviews page. These are real people and their unfiltered views about their experience with The Senior Movers.We welcome you to Experience the Difference from Start to Finish with The Senior Movers!

Q - What forms of payment do you accept?

A - We accept Cash, Checks and we process Credit Cards for an additional fee. All returned checks are subject to a $100 penalty charge.

Q - Should I, or can I Tip the Moving and or Packing Specialists?

A - We often get asked these questions. You are not obligated to do so, nor will you be pressured or enticed to leave a tip. It is completely at your discretion and if you decide you would like to offer a tip, team members would be extremely grateful. They work very hard to provide our Trademark offering of Compassion, Care & Patience. We also get asked, what is the normal amount that I should tip? That choice rests with our Clients.

We do have one request, if you feel so inclined to leave a tip, we would request that your tip be given separately from your invoice if possible.

Q - How far with The Senior Movers go for a move?

- We serve the entire Metropolitan Detroit area. We can also go to greater distances. Please inquire within.

Q - Are you bonded and insured?

A - Yes we are both bonded and insured.

Q - Do I need to remove clothing out of drawers or can you take dresser with clothes in it?

- You can leave the clothes in the dresser. 99% of the time we can take the dresser with the clothes in it. In the event that the dresser is too heavy, we will remove the drawers and neatly stack them in the truck.

Q - Do The Senior Movers offer packing or unpacking or do I have to do it?

A - We do offer Packing & Unpacking services, which we like to schedule the day before the move or, earlier if there is a large amount that needs to be completed. Additional fees do apply for this service. Please inquire within at the time of your call.

Q - I no longer want certain furniture or large items and want to dispose of those, do The Senior Movers offer disposal or do I have to do it?

A - We do provide this service at an additional fee. We can either donate to Salvation Army (some restrictions apply per Salvation Army such as no TV's older than 2002) or bring to recycling plant. We can pack these items in the truck first, items your keeping last, then unload the items your keeping at your new residence and take other items away after.

Q - Are your movers non intimidating and clean cut?

A - We take this matter very seriously. Our movers are clean cut, friendly and extremely presentable. Feel at ease to open your door to our representatives, who will produce a business card or company badge for proof that it is indeed a TSM Representative.

Q - Can I hire The Senior Movers to pack my items but I have someone else move my things.

A - Unfortunately we cannot separate our service that way. If we pack and someone else moves the items, we cannot be responsible for the items in transit as we are when we transport your things.

Q - What do I do with all the items that I've accumulated over the years that will not fit in my new residence.

A - You have a few options to consider. We can arrange to transport those items to a friend or family members home. We can facilitate a drop off of those items to a Charity house. We also purchase many things right on the spot from our clients, which provides needed funding to help offset some of the costs as you move into the next chapter of your life.

Q - Do you offer only Moving services?

A - We have a variety of services specifically designed to ease the stress of your transition and allow you the opportunity to work with and be familiar with one company that can handle many of the steps and procedures of your transition. We of course can Move your items, we offer Packing & Unpacking, Clear and Haul away of debris, Placement assistance, Realtor assistance, Document Shredding and much more. Feel at ease knowing you can work with the same company and people you can trust throughout the entire process.

Q - Does The Senior Movers charge extra for my move on certain days v/s others?

A - Absolutely not. We feel this is a sneaky and unethical practice that many moving companies use. Why should you be penalized if your move lands on a particular day of the week? We don't feel you should be. That's why you don't pay unneeded extra fees on certain days. We're here to work around your schedule, not the other way around. Rest assured, you’re going to get the best people working with you and you will be treated very special whether it's a Monday or Saturday.